Upcoming Modern Retail Zone

Retail Zone

Busyland Commercial City offers the best of the retail services and spaces. The dimension of retail properties seems to broaden with new things coming on the way. As customers increasingly expect authentic, value-driven messages from a brand presence, retailers can use this as a point of departure for the next evolution in the brick-and-mortar experience. We are confident that this value proposition will deliver the best to their customers and clients. Our retails zones are under construction, many are on the verge and many are on the threshold. But every time it is something new and gets better and best.


  • Space for Hypermarket & Fashion stores
  • Ample Parking for Visitors, Commuters and Shoppers
  • Green and Pollution Free Atmosphere for a Sustainable Future
  • Shops & Showroom upto 30,000 Sq.Ft
  • Wide Roads upto 18 Meters
  • Out of Traffic & Glitches